Cora is 11yrs and started trick riding with Jerri Duce at age 4. This past summer her and the Young Gunz performed at several rodeos threw-out Alberta.  Every show she takes pride in.  Great young talent adds unblievable courage and determination to group.  She spent extra time with Jerri and was riding Jerri's special horse Sable.   Also got to ride with Raelynn Armstrong and Madison Macdonald during some practice time near Okotoks and she got the pleasure of being instructed by Niki Flundra.  She idlizes her mentors and takes great pride in the opportunities they provide her.  One day she hopes to be as great as they all are.  Cora lives and breathes trickriding. If she is not on her horse she is hanging off furniture, fences and equipment. You name it, she can do a trick on it.   If she had a choice she would go somewhere every day of the week trick riding.  Cora is the daughter of chuckwagon racer Rae Croteau Jr.  loves horses and takes pride in being a great performer.  In between trick riding and keeping horses in shape Cora is part of the Lakeland competitive gymnastics club in Cold Lake, AB.  Watch for her big smile at their next show!

Avery is 13 years old and has a passion for horses and animals that is contagious and has gotten the whole family involved in the sport of Rodeo. Avery started Trickriding when she was 5, she has trained with Jerri Duce, and Niki Flundra, she loves to preform – the bigger the crowd the better! She has a hard time picking a favourite trick but says her tope two are a suicide and hippodrome. During the winter to keep herself in shape she dances, plays ringette, and does her fair share of chores around the family farm. Avery also participates in Rodeo club where she competes in Barrels, Poles, goat Tying and Roping. She fits in trick riding practices wherever she can! She loves to trick ride and is hoping to learn more Liberty as well as Roman Riding. Avery lives just outside of Strathmore and is currently in Grade 5. Avery will join Young Gunz on the road this summer.

Cooper is 14 years old from Stettler, AB.  He spent last summer on the road with Young Gunz showcasing his talent and entertaining the crowd.  He has lots of interest in trick roping and bull whip cracking. Cooper will be performing at all of our shows again this summer.  Rodeo is one of his passions.  He adds great grit and determination to our act.  He has worked with Jerri a few times threw-out the winter and spends lots of time at home brushing up on his skills.  Cooper plays Rep. Hockey in Stettler and take yoga to keep is flexibility for trick riding up.
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