The Young Gunz are a treat for spectators both young and old.

Headlined by 11-year-old Cora Croteau – & 13 year old Avery Aleman – trained by world renowned trick rider Jerri Duce & liberty entertainer Niki Flundra – the Young Gunz put full trust in their horses and perform daredevil tricks that most riders wouldn’t dare attempt.

14 – year-old Cooper Resch, equally skilled on horseback with his lasso and bull whip, adds another exciting element to the show.  Fast horses, dazzling costumes, inspiring music and so much more!

You will be on the edge of your seats as the team performs a variety of skills such as trick roping, roman riding, vaulting, double & triple tricks and popular trick riding stunts, including the stroud layout, back fender, suicide drag, neck layover, side backbend, hippodrome and more.  The group has travelled nation wide!!  Some of the biggest stops include the Calgary Stampede, Festival St. Tite in Quebec, Oklahoma City for the IFR Finals Showcase, the NFR in Las Vegas and the CFR in Edmonton as contract acts and across the world to Australia for the Trick Riding Championships.

NEW FOR 2016/2017

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